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Agility Textile Ltd

Agility Textile Ltd, located in Pakistan, is a leading garment manufacturer specializing in producing high-quality knitted garments that seamlessly combine style, quality, and affordability. Catering to small to mid-sized retailers, including both established businesses and new entrepreneurs, Agility Textile offers short production runs with low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and quick lead times, tailored to the unique needs of this market segment. For Amazon vendors seeking top-tier textile products, Agility Textile guarantees quality and cost-effectiveness, meeting the strict standards of online retail platforms. Moreover, they provide services for private labels, enabling clients to showcase their brand identity on a diverse range of meticulously crafted apparel, including hoodies, sweatshirts, track pants, polo shirts, and underwear. Beyond manufacturing garments, Agility Textile prioritizes building lasting relationships and delivering exceptional customer experiences, aiming to redefine the textile industry by offering outstanding value, style, and quality to customers worldwide, with a commitment to their clients' success.

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Company History 

Ayesha Group of Companies is a well-known industrial group that operates from Lahore, Pakistan.   The Group started its textile operations in 1972 when Ayesha Spinning Mills was incorporated. Since then, Ayesha Group has grown to 4 textile spinning mills comprising of 110,000 spindles, a leather tannery, a leather shoe factory, shoe retail (brand EPCOT), socks factory, an embroidery factory and an Fashion Retail Setup (Brand Cross Stitch.) The installed spindle capacity put the group amongst the largest yarn spinning groups in Pakistan.  The leather units of the group are also substantial in size by which operate by the name of EPCT Private Limited. EPCT private limited has become the largest leather manufacturer and shoe factory in Pakistan.  EPCT has a retail setup for the local market, which is known by the name of EPCOT SHOES with shops all over Pakistan.  Our Socks unit has over 500 Machines and is an all export based factory compromising of all Italian Lonati Machines. The annual turn over for the grouo for the financial year 2019-2020 has touched 150 Million USD. Ayesha Group proudly employs over 10,000 people in its various manufacturing and retail units. Our Latest venture is Agility Textile a state of the art garment stitching unit specializing in knit garment of all kinds.


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